Don’t Say “Fuck” in Front of the K-I-D

Since my folks have been overseas for the past three and-a-half years, they haven’t had the chance to see Elliot very often and watch him grow, which is really too bad since he’s their first grandchild. In the past, friends with DV cameras have made us CDRs of Elliot movies which we send over to the folks. This prompted the purchasing of a webcam (several months ago) so that they would be able to see/chat with him in real time. The snag being that the chat software which everyone seems to use doesn’t support video for Macs, which we own. That and the fact that the little man keeps us quite busy when it comes to clearing up the clutter that builds up around our computer desk and making time to find and set up an alternate for webcam broadcasting.

This past week, the family has agreed to switch to a Mac friendly cross-platform video messenger. This meant digging out the dusty webcam, digging around the spaghetti pile behind the desk (even dustier), setting up new accounts and a lot of swearing, of which I’m constantly reminded needs to be curtailed since the boy has become quite the mimic. “Oh, fiddley-dee, that will require a tetanus shot.”

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