Presenting Nico

Congratulations Drew and Amanda on the recent(ly announced) engagement!

Here’s hoping that everyone had a happy and safe Christmas and that y’all got what you wanted (or didn’t know you wanted, but really needed). The holiday season got off to a shaky start but smoothed out just in time for some shitty driving weather Christmas day. The usual one hour drive to the in-laws turned into two hours, complete with fogging windows and loathsome highway driving. Everything else after that was great.

Our pals Val, Dave and their new son Nico made the trek to Toronto from NYC just in time before the big storm hit (lucky for them). My brother was re-routed to Jersey on his way to T.O. and was stuck on the tarmac for three hours. Hey, that sounds like fun – hope the drink cart came around.

After catching up with good friends, a few beers and some CD shopping (the Wire’s 20th Anniversary Box) the time came for the “Introducing Nico” party, which we hosted for our friends, their friends and family. Such a wonderful afternoon was spent playing with the kids, chatting with friends, seeing some familiar faces, sipping a few beverages and inhaling baking sheets of nachos, cheese, green onions and salsa.

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