Oct 11

Lazy Bones

So many things on the go.

So little time to sit down and write (no excuses).

Will get it together one of these days.

Perhaps the recent acquisition of BBEdit 10 will light a fire under my butt.

Watch this space.

Aug 11

I’m Irish, dammit!

Why I'm not built for the beach

As a friend of mine pointed out: I’m built for dark taverns and Guinness, not sunshine and spritzers. (Note: alcohol was not involved)

Clearly, my application of sunscreen was too late.

Day five: the peeling begins…

Jul 09

In the NeighboUrhood

In the neighboUrhood

Mar 08

Podcast, Podcasting, Podcastest

Hey, how ’bout another list, you know, for content’s sake.

Of the piles of podcasts I subscribe to, it’s these ones that make me the most giddy while updating:

* Harry Shearer’s Le Show

* The Subgenius Hour of Slack

* WNYC’s Radiolab

* Will Franken’s Things We Did Before Reality

* James Lileks’s The Diner

Mar 08

How Much is Too Much (or Too Little)

xray gordasm

Nothing like reading an article in the Globe and Mail that features the word “fucking”.

Toronto Sun readers would get their panties in a bunch.