When it Rains, It Snows

So much for a stretch of nice weather. We went ‘round our neighbours place on Saturday where we keep our bikes stored to dig ‘em out from under the last bit of covering that hadn’t blown over the last couple of snow storms and take ‘em into the local shop to have the yearly tune-up done. Not expecting to be doing any biking that day, we were told to expect a call by Tuesday or thereabouts. Cool. I haven’t been on my bike since probably November last year, which also means that I haven’t excercised since then!

Yesterday was gorgeous out and all we kept talking about was how nice it’ll be to do some riding this week. Yeah. Family bike rides down around the lakefront. That’ll be so nice.

Since we ended up with so much frickin’ snow throughout April, it now appears that the April showers weren’t skipped over, just carried over into the month of May. With interest. As we’re now in no rush to pick the bikes up I guess it’s time to get that leaky windshield sealed to avoid sitting down to wet car seats once again.

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