Ringtone, Take Me Away

Happy Birthday, bros.

Well, with a birthday just around the corner, it’s that time to have the emissions test done on the ailing VW to make sure it’s legally fit to be on the road. The emissions test passed – the safety test failed. The underside is so rusted out that it’s begun to crumble away and leave holes, making it just a touch on the not-so-good side of things. We’ll have to see if some gum and sticky tape can hold it all together, with a little bit of love! That and a trip to the bodyshop.

In the toys department, the mobile phone has now been upgraded to the Kyocera 5135 clamshell model. Something I’ve always wanted was a ringtone of the motif from Close Encounter of the Third Kind that the aliens communicate with. As this phone supports ringtones, I so had to get it. Laurel now rolls her eyes when the phone goes off in a public place.

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