Father’s Day Checklist

Happy Father’s Day, gents. Hope y’all didn’t end up with ties and/or argyle socks! Glad to say that I didn’t. Instead, I decided to treat myself to a couple of tix for Eddie Izzard‘s upcoming fall tour.

Father’s Day 2003: A Summary

* Wake up really early as the boy was coming home from a sleep-over at his auntie’s. The late evening beer after seeing “Lost In La Mancha” last night didn’t make it any easier.

* Figure out where to take the car on a Sunday and have it back before they close so as not to rely on public chance-it, I mean, transit to get to work tomorrow.

* Family exclamations of “you can do it girl” while driving to the auto centre, hoping not to stall at every red light or on a left-hand turn. At least Elliot enjoyed taking the bus home.

* Actually read some of the book I’ve had for about seven months now.

* Bus it back to the auto centre and spend close to 500 smackers on the ol’ VW.

* Late drive-thru lunch. The boy fell asleep.

* Sneak in a half-hour nap in the middle of the day.

* Prepare this week’s music review for Brainwashed.

* Watch “La Jetée” and the second half of “Atanarjuat The Fast Runner.”

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