Son of a Beach

Congratulations Gillian, Robert and big sister Zoe on the new addition to the family! Welcome aboard, Jonathan!

Busy weekend ahead. The bro is in town from the UK this weekend and the Mom arrives tomorrow from Shanghai. Dad the following week. We haven’t seen the folks since September, so they’ll be excited to see the boy and how much he’s grown.

Since I got the Canon Powershot S230 back in December, I’ve been wanting to get into doing Quicktime panoramas, but didn’t have the bucks to drop on the authoring software. Much to my surprise this past week, I’ve discovered that I’m able save panoramas as Quicktime VRs, especially in the 360 degree format! See for yourself (Quicktime plug-in required). I’m glad I made this discovery at 7am rather than at 11pm as I would have been up all night in the monitor’s blue glow with my new found powers!

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