Kicking Clutter’s Ass

SEEING AS IT’S THE END OF THE MONTH and I’ve been wanting to have a proper archives pages for some time, I finally sat down and went nose to nose with the CMS that keeps this site in order.


After sifting through some posts from the fine folks over at the Textpattern forum, setting up some messy URLs, page templates, forms and a couple of cans of iced tea later, there’s now a proper archives page for you to dig through. I may even go back to Day One of this website and bring all non-Textpattern posts aboard, seeing as they’re currently not available to you (I know, the nerve). A hat-tip to the Daring Fireball for the general layout idea. Screw trying to organize posts by month – my brain and bladder can only hold so much.

With this new-found know-how, I couldn’t just stop there. I had to re-do all the now former HTML pages with in-house templates, forms, messy URLs etc., just to keep things nice and manageable.

Don’t get me started on the photos page.

On a lighter, though still somewhat geeky note: in between trips to the fridge for beverages, I noticed that the boy is watching re-re-re-runs of the old Spiderman cartoons that I used to watch at his age on Saturday mornings. I’ll probably just wait for him to pick up the newly released DVD of that series.

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