With Friends Like These…

JUST TO GIVE Y’ALL SOME IDEA of what _bad parents_ we are, here’s a response we _accidentally_ received to an e-mail we’d sent to family and friends to touch base and show off some photos of the boy. Some people still don’t know their way around a simple email program. Since it’s obvious that we weren’t intended to see this, there’s no point closing the stable door after the horse has run out.

bq. we have somehow made it back onto laurel’s e-mail distribution list, or at least i did. if you have a spare minute, take a look at the pix she just uploaded. first pic in the series (there’s 3 of them) shows how not-cute elliot is with a huge scar across his nose.

not sure how i feel about making it back onto the list.

hmmmm … wonder how they’d feel about getting a babysitting call. then again, look at elliot’s pic. maybe it’s not such a good idea to call them for babysitting.

The “_huge scar across his nose_” refers to a gash the boy got on his head back in February when he slipped on some ice in the neighbourhood park while he was _playing_. You know, like three year olds are supposed to. Like most cuts, they scab and heal without a trace, just as his did.

You don’t want to hear from us? Just say so.

See you next Tuesday.

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