Sick Day

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE SUMMER COLD and/or flu to really knock the shit out of you on a moment’s notice (not literally, mind you). Today would have to be my turn for it since the sun is actually out and it looks like a nice warm day, for a change.

After drifting in and out of cold remedy-induced naps, I have nothing to offer but some weird dreams about growing my hair long again and a list of some cool websites for you to visit:

* The Neistat Brothers: Van and Casey. Two NYCers with a video camera, a Mac and some neat and funny stuff. iPod owners: check their “iPod’s Dirty Secret” movie and subsequent interviews.

* Robert Wyatt feature over at the BBC.

* Mice Parade a.k.a. Adam Pierce: Skilled multi-instrumentalist, performer, label guy, etc. (the bastard!). I’d have to say that Obrigado Saudade is probably my favourite disc of the year, thus far.

* 1974 video footage of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music performed by the composer and Russell Hartenberger.

* Michael Wood: Wonderful photographer and teacher of Miksang. You’ll more than likely be spending a fair bit of time on this site.

* And, of course, this week’s Strong Bad email.

With any luck, I’ll have my sense of taste back in time for dinner, sans throbbing forehead and eye twitch.

On a much happier note: Congratulations Clive and Emily on your recent big day! All the best!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

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