Rated R: Strong Violence, Pervasive Language, Drug Content and Some Sexuality

There are already enough websites devoted to catching shoddy translations and other (mis)usages of the English language, but I have to share this description from the back of an imported DVD of a children’s movie given to our son:

bq. (reach can tower) with (the history guest match – cloth takes charge of wood’s) this rightness of little the younger sister of ¶ss, 2 persons stayto what stuff stunned at in home, bursting upon at this time on having the cat of the miraculous magic only, it wore the alternate and high hat in red and white grain to still take a walk stick, a he supercilious attitude swagger of the parties “New Yorker” walks into their house, immediately after he is from the hat become to appear lost in though the strange sorcery, lead two sister of ¶s enter the risky trip that a madness stimulate making the home the day turns over a !Seeing mother will go home the sorcery work properly the cat with this rightness of naughtly little the younger sister of s should hoto tidy up the disorderly final phase in this regiment?

The title of this post is also the actual movie rating indicated. What’s even funnier is that reading and making any sense of the above description was a lot easier than watching the flick itself.

I’m sure you’ve figured out which movie by now.

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