Way Post-Secondary Education

FIFTEEN YEARS AFTER GRADUATING from high school, I’ve been thinking about academics again. Not that I’d stopped thinking about it – just never seriously until recently. In the past year, I watched my wife add a certificate from Teacher’s College to her B.A. and go on to get hired with a school board. Another big inspiration was my Mom getting her PhD this past spring, having just turned (number omitted as not to be removed from the family will) years old.

After hemming and hawing all summer – waiting until the last minute to apply only to be advised that it wouldn’t be happening until 2005 at the earliest – I received a call yesterday from the good folks at the University of Toronto’s Woodsworth College letting me know that due to some last minute changes, I would be able to attend my first choice evening course starting this coming Monday.

Monday is Elliot’s first day of kindergarten. It’s also my fifteen year anniversary with the same employer, where I thought I’d be working for just a year before going on to a post-secondary education. As you can tell, I haven’t exactly been rushing to get a degree.

I’ll leave you to extract your own symbolisms (if any). I’m bummed about missing frosh week.

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