Best. Cartoon. This. Week.

A FEW WEEKS BACK I DECIDED that I’d had it with dealing with styling my hair. I have naturally thick and curly hair which is, despite what any woman says, a curse. I’ve grown it out a few times in my life and cannot be arsed with going through the in-between stage of short and long. I’ve kept it very short for the last few years, but always relied on gel to keep from looking like a ginger Q-Tip.

The wife bought me a set of clippers (at my asking) and now assists in maintaining a style so short that it isn’t really a style (which is the style nowadays). The first day landed some friendly jeers at a party. This past weekend the term “Gordski Beat” popped up in a goofy group discussion. Both the group and discussion were goofy. I’d been called “Bronski Beat” by a neighbourhood tool when I first shaved my head as a punk rocker at 16 and hung around and smoked cigarettes with the mohawk’d gang at the local McDonald’s. Anyways, upon the group explaining the video for “Smalltown Boy” to our friend Matt, who would’ve been too young to have seen/heard it on MuchMusic or any other video show back in the day, the teasing ended up being directed elsewhere. With a finger on his writing hand heavily bandaged due to a carpentry injury, Matt put pen to paper and created the masterpiece I give to you now.
matt's doodle

_Matt from Toronto, age 26, wins a Sun toque!_

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