Stuff as of Late

IT WOULD APPEAR THAT AFTER a gap of over two months, the way-too-clever Dean Allen has resumed updating his personal website, Textism.

For some quick background, Mr. Allen is the dude that developed the CMS which runs this site as well as countless others. Noel Jackson‘s PhotoStack, a brilliant piece of photo organizing scripting, is based on Allen’s own photo section. Again, PhotoStack is used to organize the photo section on this very site.

Speaking of photo sections, I’ve recently added some new slides taken over the past week or so for your own private viewing. I may be having my first public viewing/show ever hopefully in January here in the GTA. If you’re interested in the show, send an email and I’ll keep ya updated.

I know I’m way late to the game on this one: the hilarious program Strangers With Candy has become favoured viewing around the house. Okay, for me – Laurel can’t stand it. I’ll now be waiting patiently for Season Three to turn up at my bricks and mortar video store of choice. In the meantime, we’ve got Spider-Man: The ’67 Collection to keep up the blue glow.

Happy Birthday, Miss B.

A’ight. It’s off to start reading The Great Gatsby for school.

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