Memory Lane

FOR THOSE OF YOU OUT THERE that actually read this stuff, you’ll know that I decided late summer to go back to school and start seriously pursuing a post-secondary education.

After a few weeks of classes, a “new” girl turned up that looked all too familiar. As it turns out, she and I had gone to elementary school and part of high school together and had been friendly back in the day. We’re talking, like, over eighteen years since we’d seen each other. Key-rist.

We get to talkin’ during a break in class, asking about so-and-so, whats-his/her-face, etc. – faces and names I haven’t thought about in years.

A couple o’ co-workers of mine had mentioned signing up at, just ‘cuz. After all the strolling down memory lane as of late, I’ve recently done the same. I’ve never been one to keep in touch with people from days of old, although I’m tempted to sign up for the full package in order to drop a few “hellos” to some people and see what’s up.

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