One Class Act

I WAS QUITE SURPRISED AND SOMEWHAT DISAPPOINTED to hear mid-morning that Kerry was conceding to the other guy. After all, his running mate had made mention of it not being that big of a deal to wait one more night after enduring the last four years. For a guy that seemed so determined to fight the good fight, which was desperately needed, my reaction was one of WTF?

Even with it being “too close to call” (fuckin’ network television and its buzzwords), I would have imagined that Kerry would have let the other guy stew, wondering if he might have actually won the election this time.

Having read the opening few paragraphs of the speech Kerry gave this afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion that he is one classy guy. Of course, it’s expected that at the end of such a high profile race one must accept defeat gracefully, though I don’t believe he was defeated. The man cares too much for his country. America has defeated itself and will come to realize this over the next four years. Unfortunately, for now, the rest of the world can only watch.

Even after a late night and being awakened several times by our sick, coughing and crying boy, an early start to work and now laying off the sugar snacks after finally accepting a steady and noticeable weight gain, I’m so wanting to stay up this evening to watch The Daily Show. Their job may have just gotten a bit easier for the time being.

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