Cliché Involving the Word “Parrish” Goes Here

EARLIER IN THE DAY I WAS PLANNING on posting about the oxymoron known as Fox News coming to Canadian airwaves, until just after two o’clock this afternoon when this story broke.

For those of you not familiar with Ms. Parrish’s “work”, you can find a summary of some of her finest moments over here.

The PM has finally done what many wished had been done ages ago. If she were my MP, I’d be down at her office first thing in the morning along with the mob carrying torches and pitchforks. It’s one thing to be outspoken, but when the brain and the mouth are constantly not in sync and you happen to be an elected representative, it’s just ignorant.

As for Mr. Harper, who called for Parrish’s removal from the Liberal caucus: If dropping this loose cannon from the caucus was a sign of bad leadership on the PM‘s part, will he be extending a welcoming hand across the aisle?

I didn’t think so.

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