Early Start to a Busy Weekend

THURSDAY NIGHT WAS THE FIRST TIME I’d gigged at Revival on College St. in Little Italy. Large room, nice decor, great sound. Too bad we were the last band on at 1:00am. (insert sarcastic tone) Big crowd at that time on a Thursday.

I’d booked off a vacation day for this past Friday so as to a) be able to sleep in a bit after the previous late night’s gig and b) get to see Star Wars on a Friday afternoon when the place isn’t jam-packed. All I’ll say about the movie is that it’s the best of prequels. ‘Nuff said.

Our friends over at Rough Idea presented the Nels Cline Singers at the Silver Dollar last night. I had only heard snippets of Nel’s work outside of Wilco and was *completely* blown away by the group’s performance. The other added bonus of the evening was getting to meet Dave Tronzo, another US guitar monster, who’s in town this weekend to play with local bass ace Andrew Downing. Both of them the nicest guys.

Tonight: Early set of Peter Brotzmann and his tentet at the Rivoli before heading out to Oprah’s House with my sweetie to catch M.I.A. and the fabulous LCD Soundsystem.

Thank goodness for Cherry Bomb’s organic Zen coffee.

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