Coming Soon to a (Home) Theatre Near You

I can’t wait! The first full-length Wallace & Gromit movie. I haven’t even told the boy about this one yet. (October)

The new ‘un from David Cronenberg. (late September)

Although we have to wait ’til August, Season Four of Six Feet Under is on the way. I’m PiVo’ing Season Five without watching it ’til I catch up with all of this one.

After four years, it’s about time we finally got to see Prozac Nation.

The Erroll Morris DVD Collection – well, three of his films, anyway.

Forget the Bad News Bears. A Scanner Darkly is newest film from Richard Linklater that I wanna see.

Almost last of these releases, though certainly not the least: Oh. My. God. Strangers With Candy – the freakin’ movie! (late October)

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