The Airwaves Shall Be Good Again

Well, after fifty-two days of non-management types hitting the bricks (the good and public face of the Corp.), it appears that the Canadian Media Guild and the CBC have finally signed an agreement to get staff back to work. Finally!

And yes, just to add fuel to the conspiracy theories, Hockey Night in Canada is set to go.

One of the best things I’d heard during the lockout, besides Toronto Unlocked over on CIUT for their brief stint, were a few re-runs of Art Levine’s great show, This is Art. He’s a super smart guy when it comes to ear-training, compositional theory, et al, presenting great show after great show over past summers. I’m hoping to hear more from him in the future, and not just to pad out repeat programs of interviews with Norman Jewison (which I’ve now heard three times) and that goddamned 50 Tracks gameshow.

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