My Must-Have Apps

Having recently added a new Intel Core Mac mini to the family, I had to go about (re)installing all those cool/must-have applications. The ever-growing list:

VLC: The media player. ‘Nuff said.

Quicksilver: I’m still fairly new to this one, but so far, it rocks.

NewsFire: Great, straight-forward RSS reader; simple to use and easy on the eyes.

Acquisition: Awesome P2P software from Cocoa whiz Dave Watanabe, who also is responsible for…

Inquisitor: Soup up your search window in Safari with this fast return plug-in.

Style Master: The best application out there for bossing around your CSS sheets to perfection. Buy two!

BitTorrent: Need I say more?

Flickr Uploader: Drag ‘n’ drop your photos on this app to have them sent to your Flickr space; also lets you edit tags and titles.

Backpack: The online version of the Hipster PDA™. Free or $5 a month for extra capabilities. While not a local application, there is a Dashboard widget available for it. Yessh.

High Priority: Cool little toolbar widget that is an even lower-fi version of Backpack.

Firefox: I’ve been giving both this and Camino some use, you know, just to break away from Safari now and again.

Internet Cleanup: Self-explanatory.

And, last but not least…

TextMate: Still fairly new to this all-purpose text editor, but, so far, I’m very impressed with just how versatile it is when it comes to the type of document you’re editing.

Anything else I should be considering?

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