Thinking Outside of the Box

May the fourth be with you.

Not that we follow the Adbusters calendar around these parts, but we haven’t had the TV on since Sunday. The boy’s school is doing a Think Outside of the Box week, or some other slogan to that effect. Having a PVR, it really hasn’t made that big a difference, seeing as I’m used to settling in on a Friday evening to catch up on a week’s worth of The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Lost and the newly aired season three of Little Britain.

Oh, I should mention that, for him, “outside of the box” also includes the X-Box, computer and GameBoy. We’ve kinda turned it into “the box = screen time” mindset. Checking e-mail and (ahem) some websites are allowed for the moms and dads.

My show of solidarity was apparent this evening when the boy pointed out that his X-Box was still rigged up from the weekend, “which means the TV hasn’t been on all week!”

Of course, he didn’t notice the small pile of rentals from Queen Video or care to ask if my laptop has a DVD drive.

What!? They’re documentaries!

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