Scootin’ Aboot


As James has pointed out, I haven’t mentioned anything about my latest acquisition: my Honda Jazz scooter.

After nearly two weeks of riding, it’s safe to say that I’m smitten with my scooter. The morning commute is now 25 minutes door-to-door, plus I get to sleep in an extra hour. The insurance is just over $20 per month. Parking in the city is free, and I’ve been brazen enough to park it on the sidewalk a couple of times. The city by-law on that one is still yet to be determined.

Aside from the freedom of mobility and the coolness factor, the biggest kicker has been the cost of gassing up. First off, a 5L tank of gas is good for (I believe) around 150 km. With the needle in the red, I filled up this past Sunday for a whopping $3.87.

Some other observations:

* nobody drives the speed limit
* street noise seems way louder with a helmet on
* you smell all the restaurants that use garlic
* at least once a day someone asks about either top speed, price, insurance, etc. and then proceeds to shake their head muttering about how expensive their car is in comparison
* I now wish I lived in a city where it doesn’t snow

If you’re a scooter rider, or not, I’d love to hear your take on two-wheeling.

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