Pros of 2006

Numerous books, magazines, CDs and movies; _Lost_; _Prison Break_; _The Daily Show_; _The Colbert Report_; _House MD_, _The Office_; _The IT Crowd_; _JPod_ and Coupland’s other works; Vancouver; Nanaimo; Göteborg, Sweden; Nintendo DS Lite and its games, especially _Brain Age_, _Trauma Center_ and _Electroplankton_; Sudoku; Masada live; the wonderful world of torrents; dreams of moving to Vancouver; eMusic; Honda scooter; making baby #2; Gandhi roti; Burrito Boyz; Hero Certified Burger; touching base with old friends; making new friends; _Getting Things Done_; Quicksilver; Monday nights at Volo; Yacht Rock; getting into GarageBand; dipping my toe into Max/MSP; hearing a track of mine used on Boing Boing’s _Get Illuminated_ podcast; The Greenth; Mule Design t-shirts and staff; IM’ing folks on the left coast; Dethroner; 43Folders; drinks with Merlin Mann; meeting Adam Greenfield; Ze Frank and the Show; the films of Norman McLaren; first Segway ride; Flickr; VOX; Twitter; finally SMS’ing with T9; Skype; Harmon e. Phraysier; teaching Miksang; Pzizz; the Warhol exhibit at the AGO; John Hodgman; Slate, The Onion and This American Life podcasts; The Sniffer podcast; Mill Street Organic beer; my son graduating Kindergarten; Sweaty Betty’s; listening to lots of Nels Cline; Bob Ostertag and Pierre Hébert in concert; getting my M1/M2; John Maeda’s works; long weekends; sleeping in; family and friends; health, happiness and prosperity.

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