Coming Soon…Tintin!

tintin My friend Jay, knowing that my six-year-old loves all things Tintin, sent me a link to this news story announcing that none other than _Steven Spielberg_ is gearing up to bring the redheaded boy detective to the big screen. My brother-in-law has always thought that _The Red Sea Sharks_ would make an excellent Bond-like action flick (should Mr. S. be trying to decide which book to start with).

I’ve only started getting into Tintin since my son took a great interest in the stories. It used to be that every time we popped into Pages Books, he’d ask for yet _another_ of the books, which he’d go home and read within a day or so. It’s getting to the point that the only Tintin item in the store we don’t (yet) have is the cool rocketship display stand. Thanks to Captain Haddock, he now understands what “drunk” means!

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