A Thousand Stars Beneath the Bar


Last summer, while on a family vacation out on beautiful Vancouver Island, my old pal Dave Read and I, after some awesome bbq, settled into his home office for an evening of beers and sound fuckery. When I got back to Toronto, I overdubbed a little more bedlam to the melodic haze.

Ladies and gentlemen…A Thousand Stars Beneath the Bar:


  1. Nice atmosphere, Gord.

    Just looking at the access keys, first site I’ve seen with this feature. You will be distressd to learn that ‘H’ was already taken before you hijacked it! I’m on a PC, IE 7.0, normally Alt +H opens up the browser Help menu, the other menus being File, Edit, View, Favourites (the access letter is ‘A’), Tools. I wonder what other sites use, it sounds like you recently moved to H from another letter?

  2. Just remembered – on a PC Alt+ D selects the address bar.

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