Best of 2007

The birth of my beautiful baby girl, Molly; seeing my family, friends and acquaintances becoming parents and the beautiful (and big!) babies they’ve brought into the world; successful vasectomy and the internet travelers that wished me well and IM’d to check on “the stones”, “the sac”, “the junk”, etc.; meeting GTA internet friends in the flesh; buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner; Intelligentsia’s Miller’s Blend coffee made in an AeroPress; running 5K thrice weekly; Sakura noodles; New York Sub chicken burritos (med); Hero Certified soul burgers; Monday Nights at Volo; Friday Nights at Sweaty Betty’s; Harry Shearer’s Le Show, Radio Lab, The Subgenius Hour of Slack, The Onion Radio News and The Sound of Young America podcasts; collaborating with norelpref; Nintendo Wii; getting behind the drums and gigging again; *finally* visiting San Francisco to see the city, meet and hang out with some of my favorite people on teh internets; spending a day with V. Vale; Sonic Youth in Berkeley; going back to school for web design; kicking Effexor; numerous movies, books, recordings, TV shows and websites; Klean Kanteen; Beyond Possession; my ever-loving family. Praise “Bob”.

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