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Part of the reason I’ve neglected the two piles (plus) of unread books which has become my bedside table (seriously, two stacks of books with an alarm clock and a glass of water on ’em) are the plethora of magazines which arrive on a seemingly daily basis that would satisfy Brother Mouzone. At present, the subscriptions include:

  • The Wire I’ve been subscribing to the “Rolling Stone for music snobs” for around ten years now; definitely expanded my tastes and knowledge in music. The Wire Tapper CDs are a fantastic series, too (subscription only). The editors and writers also host a weekly radio show on London’s Resonance FM which lets you hear a lot of the material covered in their pages.
  • Harper’s Great writing. Great ideas. Nice to see Lapham still pops by now and again. You should subscribe to their weekly e-mail, too. ‘Nuff said.
  • Good It’s like all the stuff I liked about Adbusters, without the high-falutin’-ness. Again, great ideas with a social bent. A+++ Would renew again.
  • The New Yorker Need I say more?
  • MAD Magazine Yes, I’m still a twelve-year old at heart. And by “heart”, I mean maturity-wise, too.
  • Wired Another one of those that I’ve had a subscription to for ages. I threw out close to eight years’ worth of ’em just before my daughter was born as space was becoming a premium around these parts. I kinda wished I’d saved ’em now so I could go back and re-read stories of browser battles from days of yore.
  • Mental Floss Someone has to take on the role of Cliff Clavin when the boys get together to tip a few jars.
  • The Walrus Not to give a back-handed compliment, but it’s the Canadian version of Harper’s. Editor, Ken Alexander, runs a nice, tight ship.
  • MAKE I used to love tinkering with electronic stuff when I was a kid (c’mon, who didn’t build a Morse Code oscillator for their Science Fair project in grade school?). Sadly, I’m only reading the mag at the moment (time permitting) rather than actually making stuff. Although, I do own a soldering iron…

I used to subscribe to The Economist, but more than one weekly periodical is too much. Same goes for Macleans, which was also gradually leaving a sheen of right-wing on my brain.

So, what’s been showing up in your mailbox lately?

UPDATE: I totally forgot about Geek Monthly, which I’ve subscribed to since issue one.


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  1. We have very similar reading tastes and habits, though I think you are able to cram even more into your brain than I can (reminds me of your chip-eating video above!). I’m looking forward to when Wired issues a DVD set of all their issues. Even better if someone would do that for OMNI. I just picked up the Rolling Stone set when I was in New York but haven’t really had a chance to look at it. I’ve got the New Yorker one, too, and of course, as a Harper’s subscriber, we can look at 150 years of those online for nothing. Too much!!

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