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Part of the reason I’ve neglected the two piles (plus) of unread books which has become my bedside table (seriously, two stacks of books with an alarm clock and a glass of water on ’em) are the plethora of magazines which arrive on a seemingly daily basis that would satisfy Brother Mouzone. At present, the subscriptions include:

I used to subscribe to The Economist, but more than one weekly periodical is too much. Same goes for Macleans, which was also gradually leaving a sheen of right-wing on my brain.

So, what’s been showing up in your mailbox lately?

UPDATE: I totally forgot about Geek Monthly, which I’ve subscribed to since issue one.

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We have very similar reading tastes and habits, though I think you are able to cram even more into your brain than I can (reminds me of your chip-eating video above!). I’m looking forward to when Wired issues a DVD set of all their issues. Even better if someone would do that for OMNI. I just picked up the Rolling Stone set when I was in New York but haven’t really had a chance to look at it. I’ve got the New Yorker one, too, and of course, as a Harper’s subscriber, we can look at 150 years of those online for nothing. Too much!!

Posted by James on 19 July 2008 @ 11am

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