(Trying to) Get it Together

In the fall of 2010 I decided that it was time to make time to chip away at that whole post-secondary education thing (no, just undergrad). I successfully made it through a term-length intro to sociology (while working fulltime and juggling family life) and recently started in with urban geography. As you can appreciate: busy, busy.

Since switching last spring to running while wearing Vibram Five Fingers, Luna sandals and (ultimately) going barefoot, I noticed considerable changes in my body make up, weight and reduced injuries in some areas; new injuries in others. With the *fucking cold* weather of late, I’ve not been out running as much. I did get out there a couple of times since Christmas, and, recently, started using a Seiko clip-on metronome to assist with getting a good 180 steps per minute. THAT is really cool and a lot of fun. I’m hoping to do a few competitive 5K’ers this spring barefoot.

So, with the lack of outdoor activity happening for me, and not having set foot in a gym for a couple of years, I needed to do SOMEthing to keep physically active. The exercise du jour: kettlebell. I started with a small 20lb bell early in the fall and quickly switched up to the beginning gentleman’s 35lb bell. I’m working my way through the week with two-handed and singled-handed swings and am gradually working my way up to cleans and snatches. No plans on RKC’ing.

Again with keeping active during the winter months, I picked up a pair of goggles over the Christmas holidays and started swimming twice a week. Other than slipping into the local pool with the kids for swimming lessons, I hadn’t swum in yeeeears. I nearly fell over after my first half-hour routine of swimming a bastardized breaststroke.

As I persist with work, school, family, exercise, leisure, etc. I hope to keep this site a little more active other than just posting Instagram pics.

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