Oct 16

I’m Still Here. Sometimes.

Hi. How are you doing today?

Sep 14

Remember to Remember

Hi there.

I haven’t forgotten.

Just busy.

Bai for now.

Oct 11

Return of Lazy Bones

Well, having several times attempted to try first year university courses in the slow, meandering path towards a possible degree one day, I now see why my mother waited until the kids had grown up to start hers: there’s no fucking time!

I recently dropped the only half-credit, one-night-a-week course in sociology. Perhaps, after having paid the requisite attention to work, family, hygiene, etc., I’ll now finally be able to start catching up on reading, music theory and guitar, HTML/CSS’ing, and, maybe (just maybe): Max/MSP tutorials!

Oh, yeah, and pecking out some thoughts a little less sporadically.

Let’s see how this goes.

Viewed: REC
Reading: 33.3: Wire Pink Flag
Listening: Fennesz/Daniell/Buck Knoxville

(Hat-tip/apologies to RR for the idea/reminder to post my recent media consumption again)

Jun 08


For anyone that visits these pages on even a semi-regular basis, it becomes apparent very quickly that there’s something different going on here. After numerous years of using Textpattern, a fine and friendly Content Management System, I’ve decided to switch over to using the ubiquitous WordPress. Part of the reason for this decision was that I’d buggered up my latest attempt to update Textpattern (at this time, I truly know Jackshit about PHP, let alone troubleshooting it), and part of it was that WordPress is clean, simple to use and has a ton of plug-ins and stylish themes available (yes, I’m giving a theme a go). I’m still finding my way around at the moment, so please do forgive any broken links, non-existent images and mp3s that don’t load and whose player has vanished; I’ll get to it.