I’m Still Here. Sometimes.

Hi. How are you doing today?

Remember to Remember

Hi there. I haven’t forgotten. Just busy. Bai for now.

Return of Lazy Bones

Well, having several times attempted to try first year university courses in the slow, meandering path towards a possible degree one day, I now see why my mother waited until the kids had grown up to start hers: there‚Äôs no fucking time! I recently dropped the only half-credit, one-night-a-week course in sociology. Perhaps, after having […]


For anyone that visits these pages on even a semi-regular basis, it becomes apparent very quickly that there’s something different going on here. After numerous years of using Textpattern, a fine and friendly Content Management System, I’ve decided to switch over to using the ubiquitous WordPress. Part of the reason for this decision was that […]