Apr 15

Leisure is STILL a Lot of Work

Well, shit. I sure do neglect this space.

Rehearsals with various band and projects.

Drum lessons.

Piano lessons.





I guess I should really get back to doing some writing/typing semi-regularly.

Jul 08

Rust Never Sleeps


Well, we’re supposed to have had more rain this summer thus far than any other ENTIRE summer on record. I have not taken the scooter out once this week. I’m reminded this week of the old adage People in Vancouver Don’t Tan; They Rust.

Jul 08


Apr 08

Fucking Sinuses

Oh, I just LOVE waking up at 3AM with a face full of cement.

Sorry for that visual.

Jan 07

Ikea’s Slabang Clock

slabangChasing away those lovely, golden slumbers on a weekday morning, though not high on anyone’s list of things to do, has always been an unpleasant necessity for most of the working world. Over the years, I’ve tried various types of digital alarm clocks, such as the not-quite-loud-enough buzzer, and several different models of clock radios with tiny “off” switches and an adjustable volume always set to “cranked”. Another strike against them would be that they could rarely go for more than a few seconds before tuning in two stations simultaneously, which could further enhance one’s belligerence about starting the day. Not to mention the potential “2:37AM” illuminating in your face like a cheap motel’s neon signage, goading an already restless night. After seeing and reading about Ikea’s Slabang clock, I knew the early part of my daily woes would soon be diminished. First off, this small, battery-operated, brick-shaped clock is wrapped in a funky yellow rubber, so it can handle being smacked and/or knocked off of the nightstand and still look good while doing so. It’s large face does not illuminate unless you hit the oversized snooze bar (another bonus), so no more glancing and keeping track of what times you woke up during the night. Like most clocks, it has an adjustable volume switch for it’s alarm, but here’s the best part: you can record up to seven seconds of your own sounds using it’s built-in microphone. For fun, the first thing I did was record the chorus of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe” so that I could channel Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. The snooze alarm goes off in five-minute intervals for half an hour, which should hopefully be plenty of time to get you up and out of bed, into the shower and ready to take on the new day.

Ikea Slabang: $12.99 US