Filing Down My Patience

Man, what a month it’s turning out to be.
Elliot had been sick for the last few weeks, teething and having some growth spurts, which as you may know, keeps kids quite active when it should be bedtime and/or makes it hard for them to rest comfortably. To sum it up, I haven’t had a solid night’s sleep in, like, a month now. Can you say f@#kin’ cranky?

The old 7600 is out the door to it’s new home with my mother-in-law. In the four plus years that I’ve been using a Mac, I’ve never had to enable and use file sharing. Nothing like trying to move (and find) all your stuff (extensions and preferences included) via AppleTalk ethernet file sharing when you’re setting up shop elsewhere. Especially with only one monitor to share between the two boxes. Definitely a learning experience and a test of patience.

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