New Box Status Report

The G4 is running like a charm. Thanks in part to the somewhat current version of TechTool Pro 3, some strong coffee and the patience and understanding of my wife and son. Now if only I didn’t have to stare at the clunky ol’ 1705 monitor. Man, this thing takes up more space than my parent’s first microwave oven. Remember when those first became popular in the early 80s? Now, picture the counterspace it took up. I may as well have a television set sitting on my desk!

With Elliot’s second birthday fast approaching, we haven’t even started the scrambling involved in planning/organizing for a party. With numero uno last year being quite the success, we’ll hopefully get it together in time for an ass-kicking sequel.

We’re starting to get used to using control strip (finally) and are finding it useful for keeping the desktop relatively clutter-free. I know, big deal.

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