Christine, Tim and The Notwist

Congratulations to our friends Christine and Tim on their very recent marriage in London, ON. Beautiful location. Beautiful ceremony. Beautiful people. Thanks for including us on your big day!

Soundtrack for the drive to the wedding and back;


Out Hud – Street Dad
The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour
Orchestra Baobab – Specialist In All Styles

and Back:

Kraftwerk – The Mix (great driving music)
Joy Division – 1977 to 1980
CBC Radio One for the home stretch

One of my favourite discs of last year is The Notwist’s “Neon Golden” which has had plenty of play around the house, in the car, etc. Elliot now asks for “notischt” on a regular basis. The real kicker was that this past Friday we put it on for him (it’s been some time since it was last played) and he started to SING ALONG with it. My jaw hit the floor. The kid turned two a couple of months ago and is singing Notwist!? He’s even familiar with some of the arrangements and lets me know when the “clapping” part comes up in the opening track. Air-drumming….in time (thank you very much) with other parts. He even calls out “Pick Up the Phone” when it starts off. I’ve asked him if he wants to go and see the band with me when they’re in town in April, but of course he won’t be old enough to get into the club and it’ll probably be on a school/daycare night.

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