Just Another Typical Week

Happy belated birthday Dave!

Winter has hit back fairly hard here in Toronto for the better part of the last month. Just when the snow was starting to melt, and it wasn’t exactly toque and gloves weather, we get hit with a couple of storms and some major dips in temperature to keep ya indoors. Groundhog didn’t see his shadow? He was probably blinded by the light reflecting off the blankets of snow that are replenished weekly. Either that or the entrance to his home was frozen shut like the doors of a 1990 VW Golf at eight o’clock in the morning when you’re late for work and still have to drop the boy off at daycare. Then, the car stereo won’t accept a CD ‘cuz it’s too frickin’ cold. I’m guessing here.

The lack of outdoor activity had lead to watching piles of DVDs, trying to catch up on some reading, listening to music, messing about on the guitar and generally neglecting any updates/entries on this site. Oh yeah, that plus a trip to the dentist and Elliot being down with a fever and a bout of tonsillitis for the better part of a week. Never a dull moment. Sorry to those who actually read this stuff for not keeping current. Both of you.

In case you hadn’t heard by now, Toronto-based tech/culture Shift Magazine’s now last issue has landed on newstands. I’d been reading Shift for the better part of the last five years, including one subscription and one renewal. I loved the mag enough to get my pal Terry a subscription one Christmas. I’m very saddened to see them fold (hopefully just temporarily). At least there’s still the Shift Filter for the time being.

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