Snow, SARS, Locusts

Once again, we’re just getting over another big round of snow that hit the GTA in the last couple o’ weeks. The difference is that this time I didn’t have to venture any further than my mailbox to get DVDs to watch thanks to Relay Rentals. For those not familar, in the States they’ve got Netflix, which is the on-line DVD rental site, with just about every known title available. I’d been jealous that the service wasn’t available in Canada, until a friend mentioned that such a service was available. I’m saving piles in gas money and wear and tear by not driving down to the old neighbourhood video store on a regular basis.

Of course, SARS is the major topic in the news as of late and has resulted in lenghty quarantines for potential exposees. Driving home on Friday afternoon, CBC Radio was interviewing Timothy Benson, a nineteen year old Toronto student who had recently started his own weblog and is updating frequently since he’s now got plenty of time on his hands as a result of being quarantined.

The sun is now shining. The snow is now melting (monstrous puddles abound for the boy to jump for joy in) so I think we’re off to traipse around downtown for the afternoon.

The Sea and Cake are in town this eve. Can’t wait.

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