Wallace and Gromit

Years ago, my then two-and-a-half-year-old niece hipped me onto to the fantastic claymation world of Wallace and Gromit by individually loaning me out the videos from the original boxset. We watched them over and over until I finally decided to pick up my own, which I again watched several times before passing around to friends and co-workers to enjoy for themselves and with their children. Then they sat idle for a few years while I was busy starting a family of my own.

My son is now two-and-a-bit (his words) and had exhausted his Bob the Builder and Kipper the Dog video collection when recently coming across good ol’ Wallace and Gromit amdist a pile of stuff to be filed away. They’ve since become his absolute favourite to watch, which prompted me to drop the $9.95 (US) online and download all ten of the new shorts in the Cracking Contraptions series. I probably did it more for myself than for him! If you love claymation, the guys at Aardman are probably the best at it. Plus, the English have a charm, sense of humour and mannerism like no other which makes them all the more enjoyable.

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