Congratulations Cormac and Peggy on this, your wedding day! It sounds better when said like Brando in the Godfather. As expressed by another family member (you know who you are) when I got married: one should not think of it as losing a brother, or gaining a sister, but gaining the loss of a brother (rimshot, please). Or something to that effect.

For those that like a slight change of scenery, there are now six new photos in the can for your browser refreshing enjoyment.

On the topic of photos, this afternoon, seeing as that I wasn’t able to make it over to Italy, I finally made it to the Dennis Morris show at the Shift Gallery here in Toronto, part of the Contact 04 photography festival. Great stuff. I couldn’t have picked a more last-minute time to go seeing as the closing party is this evening.

UPDATE: One more photo added to the mix.

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