Reading When?

It’s the second day in a row home with the sick boy. I can only watch Wallace and Gromit so many times! At least we got a screening of _Yellow Submarine_ in yesterday. Months back, ’twas his all-time fave.

In between screenings, I’ve made time to organize the piles of papers, magazines, etc. that have been cluttering up the place this week. I’ve now got a small pile of books that I’d been hoping to get to, but between the jackhammering happening on the street behind us and the call of the boy to put on the next episode of W ‘n’ G, it ain’t happening.

Over the weekend, I popped into the record and book store up the street from where I get my coffee beans. For the first time, I walked out with no CDs or LPs, but only books. They were:

_The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis_ by José Saramago
My favourite author over the past few months.

_The Devil and Sonny Liston_ by Nick Tosches
Because I had to. Tosches is awesome.

_The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz_ by Mordecai Richler
I’m such a bad Canadian for never having read anything of his, although my Mom showed me the “Gene, Gene built a machine” rhyme from something of his when I was a kid.

I’ll hopefully finish the Mr. Show book I started during the last days of Chretien and get around to that last few pages of the American Splendor anthology before bringing even _more_ stuff home.

On a completely different note, I realized this past weekend that those delicious Licks Nature Burgers have been available at just about every supermarket in the GTA except the one across the street that I usually shop at. I’ll now be able to enjoy ’em at home and not worry about ordering one of those expensive milkshakes.

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