Every Dad Has His Day

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

The same goes for all my dad-friends.

No, I didn’t get a tacky tie or a pack of socks from the boy. I’m having waffles and coffee made for me this morning.

Last, but not least, Happy Birthday wishes to Laura – Fox’s mom, the foxy mom. Have a good day and a great year!

UPDATE: With Laurel’s help, the boy sent me a couple of animated e-cards for Father’s Day. He picked ’em and dictated while she typed. One included this beautiful prose poem:

Sun is a funny word
Putty, putty
What-y, what-y
Pointy, pointy
Chicken fire
Truck, truck

As beautiful as it was to receive, all I could ask was WTF?

If this technology is still around in, oh, say ten years or so, I’ll have to ask him what Mom put in his juice that morning.

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