Housekeeping and Belated Greetings

First up, the archive pages now looks somewhat like a proper page rather than just a big ol’ centered, scrolling list on an otherwise blank page. Perhaps I’ll get the CMS happening over there for next month. Or not.

What better way to kick off a stay-at-home vacation than to have a hacking, snotty, drippy three-and-a-half year old to spend it with. At least this time he hasn’t got a fever and it’s nice and sunny out, so we’ll be able to get outdoors and kick this cold’s ass once and for all. Just in time for allergy season.

Happy belated birthday, Canada. You got your minority government as an early present this year. Just don’t look the gift horse in the mouth. Even though it’s the same colour, you should be flattered that it’s a few sizes smaller. Sorry about not getting you a card. It would appear that Hallmark doesn’t make one for that occasion. Yet.

UPDATE: Okay, the timing of this article is just too weird after just hearing about Brando. I know they’re something like 16 hours ahead of us, but that doesn’t mean that Australians can predict the future. Although, they would’ve known who shot J.R. before North America did.

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