Not Just About the Roughage

Happy Birthday Nico!

Having turned 34 last month, I’d joked with my wife that I can now say I’m in my mid-thirties. I figure “mid” to be from about 34 to 37-ish. As I don’t drink that particular brand of beer, I refuse to call this period my Carlsberg years.

I’ve been mentally compiling a list of things that tell me that I’m older/more mature than years past. This will probably continue until I get either bored or fed up and just accept that age is inevitable. So far:

* I’m jogging and exercising because I REALLY would like to get rid of the spare tire that I was proud of having in my early twenties.

* Not so much in the warmer (ie. sweatier) months, I’ve been tucking in my shirt for work, which then accentuates my gut (see first point).

* I’m eating Bran Flakes and drinking V8 juice, and not just for the healthy benefits. I actually enjoy their tastes and prefer them over other drink and food stuffs in the same categories.

* In bed by ten, up by six. That’s PM and AM respectively. Just about every day of the week. Weekends included. Ten or twelve years ago, it would be AM and PM on the weekend.

* I tend to buy beer at the Liquor Store more often than at the Beer Store.

* Tim Horton’s medium coffee with double cream instead of regular (cream and sugar). No donuts.

* Green tea, no milk, no sugar.

* When I open my mouth to scold the boy for something, my Dad’s voice comes out. I know, I know. Payback’s a bitch 8)

* I actually shop around for gas.

Whew, glad to have finally gotten that off my chest.

UPDATE: I’m now adding titles to the posts since the CMS already has a date and/or time stamp feature. Just in case you’re wondering why older posts appear to have been dated by the Department of Redundancy Department.

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