Weather Report

BEING ON VACATION THIS WEEK, I’ve been able to catch up on watching recent DVD rentals by mail after the household has gone to sleep for the night. This would be because a) I’m able to watch them uninterrupted b) most of ’em would not be suitable for a three-and-a-half year old to watch c) the sooner I watch ’em, the sooner I get new ones and d) my wife didn’t really express a great desire to see most of ’em anyway.

Last night, I finally got to see The Weather Underground, which I’ve been meaning to see since it was in theatres last year. During some of the interviews with former members, I found my thinking swaying back and forth from the “yeah, you tell it like it was man” to “these guys were fuckin’ terrorists.” A very potent political and thought-provoking presentation that is more valid now, especially since Iraq, as during the Vietnam War.

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