First of the Year End Lists

WHEN TIME IS TIGHT AND YOU WANNA POST, there’s always the option of a good ol’ list. Being a third of the way into December, this will probably be the first of a few:

* David Watanabe’s NewsFire RSS Reader: I’ve checked out a few other readers and prefer the simple layout and live updates on feeds. That and the cool dissolve when quitting the application. His other Cocoa-based application Acquisition also rocks large.

* Nuts to the laptop. Both left and right.

* Speaking of laptops, StrongBad is accepting emails again.

* The 2004 Brainwashed Readers’ Poll is happening.

* Puppet sex sans sound. Definitely not work safe.

* The book I’m currently enjoying which I don’t want to read too fast, since it’s that good. If I’m buying you a Christmas gift this year….surprise!

* Where the hell is he these days?

Now that I’ve written my midterm exam and completed Shambhala Level II training, I’ll hopefully get caught up on stuff like, oh, I don’t know, housework, organizing boxes of slides and figuring out what the hell we’re doing for the holidays.

And the boy’s birthday next weekend.

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