Funny, I DO Feel Flu-ish

AFTER ALL THE SCARE-MONGERING IN THE MEDIA, the inescapable advertisements, the disapproval and clucking tongues of those that have gone forth long before, I finally decided to get a flu shot. Mind you, it was on a whim as I happened to be parked in front of a medical clinic that happened to have an 8.5 x 11 Word printout, something like “Flu Shots Here” taped up in the window. Working in an office environment, having a young son and a wife that teaches Kindergarten, it seemed like the responsible thing to do. Afterwards, I arrived back at the car to find a $20 parking ticket, having overstayed my welcome on Queen West. A small price to pay for good health and piece of mind.

Of course, with the flu shot now comes…wait for it…the flu.

Funny that.

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