The Week in Links

ANOTHER WIND-CHILLED, WAY SUB ZERO DAY in which the fuckin’ car wouldn’t start. The third time in almost as many weeks and another $40 cab ride to work. The boy sat patiently in his seat while I tried starting the car until the battery was drained, commenting that the car sounded like badgerbadgerbadger. The funny boy.

The other g-d amazing line of the day from my pal Brendan at work. We’re in the office cafeteria enjoying morning coffee; me stuffing a creme-centered fake’n’cake into my face. As another co-worker comments on the garbage I’m eating, without missing a beat, he shouts out “Take that, metabolism!” I nearly choked from laughter.

Over at Brainwashed, Jon’s got a new announcement sign-up list to keep ya interested in Brainwashed and Brainwashed-type things in the know. That, and the splash page now centers in Safari!

My bro’s got things pretty happening with his Township Expansion project and has even received a nod from one-time Toronto Sun music columnist and Eye Weekly contributor, John Sakamoto. Dude.

The video, photography and other artistic talents of Mike Nowland just keep getting cooler over at his Slowmotionlandscape. If you happen over, tell him we say “hi.”

Family Guy is back real soon-like! At least Fox is good for something positive these days – besides the Simpsons, of course.

More overtime to work and essays to write.

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