PVR, School, Web Stuff and the Car

BEING A READER OF A LOT OF AMERICAN BLOGS, I’ve been jealous of TiVo only being available south of the border. That is, until the communications empire known as Rogers (you know – the new SkyDome person/people) started offering PVR capability as part of their digital cable service. That, and the fact that digital cable is currently half-price for the next two months. I decided to give it a go, PVR and all. The only thing I’ll say now is that I’m getting my money’s worth, catching ALL the programs I wasn’t watching before. That, and I’ve now introduced Spongebob Squarepants into the home, two or three times a day!

School is still enjoyable – motivational and inspirational. If I were to win the lottery, I’d give serious consideration to attending university fulltime. Oh, and with a kick-ass TiBook, of course. Class is done in two months, at which point I’ll have to give serious consideration as to taking a summer course. Time and money permitting.

A photography/modern art website that I’ve been working on over the past month from scratch is just about done and should be launching shortly. Watch this space for more details. I’ve now decided that CSS is my new best friend and toy.

The old VW bit the dust at work this week. I vowed that after having to borrow cash just after Christmas to fix it, the next time it crapped out would be the last. I was not going to sink another dime, outside of oil changes, into the bastard. Wouldn’t you know, I haven’t started paying back the loan to have it fixed. That’s telling ya something. I’ll now be catching up on my reading and music listening as I ride the bus to work in the morning.

UPDATE: My review of Jeff Parker’s new disc can be found over at this week’s edition of The Brain.

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