How to Get Ahead with Summer Radio Programming

As summer goes and messes up regular schedules of just about everything, why should radio go unscathed? CBC Radio One has had a bunch of new/filler/trial shows running for a bunch of weeks now, usually in the evenings, when I rarely listen to radio, or have classes.

This morning, I finally got to hear the program that Laurel’s been raving about lately: O’Reilly On Advertising. Hosted by advertising guru, Terry O’Reilly, and co-written by DNTO contributor and fellow ad-guy, Mike Tennant, the programs serves as a bevy of factoids in the history of advertising presented in a slick and humourous fashion with some great behind-the-scenes storytelling. Along with night classes in mythology, this program shall quickly become my “other” summer course, seeing as it’s “a great weekly source of Media Literacy.”

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