The Man Behind Stephen Harper

With the election just four days away, The Walrus is splashing a link to this brilliant gem by Marci McDonald from their archives, previously referenced on this site. Back when Harper didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming PM, this article still had me questioning the morality and intelligence of the Conservative’s membership. I quickly understood why former Conservative leader and lunchtime PM Joe Clark was so pissed off all the time.

Certainly, by last June there was no lack of opinion that Flanagan’s own writings were controversial, if not right off the mainstream map. As the Conservatives’ campaign director, he seemed perfect fodder for the sort of Liberal attack ads already depicting Stephen Harper as a scary extremist with a hidden agenda. The mystery is why Paul Martin’s admen didn’t jump on that tailor-made target.

This morning’s edition of The Current on CBC Radio One featured an interesting viewpoint of the impending doom upcoming election from the U.S. perspective of Harper’s Magazine publisher, John MacArthur, on just what a depressing, Conservative alignment win will mean for rogues like Dubya. Mr. MacArthur was at one-time a columnist for the Globe and Mail and obviously is still looking out for our best interests.

Now, where’d I put that Irish passport?

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