Mallick v Globe

I’ve been buying the Saturday Globe and Mail less and less over the past few months, on account of not touching it some weeks until it’s practically been tripped over and tossed in the recycling bin. Nothing personal against the Globe. For many years now, the Saturday Globe has been a staple in our household; it usually lasts us the whole week. Alas, life has been way too busy as of late, what with work, school, parenting and attempting to drop a few pounds (the fat bastard). As I’ve been subscribing online for about six months, I’ll log in – again, when I make the time – to catch up on Rex Murphy, Ian Brown and Heather Mallick.

A few weeks back, I went trollilng for Ms. Mallick’s stuff, seeing as her name wasn’t appearing with the other columnists. I found it very odd that recent-ish columns weren’t coming upon searching.

Much to my (our) chagrin, Ms. Mallick quit the Globe in early December 2005 over a dispute in running a column of hers with regards to the whole Guardian/Chomsky kerfuffle.

bq. Ms. Brockes had not read Prof. Chomsky’s work, clearly thought linguistics was a sex act, and knew nothing about the history of Cambodia on which she questioned him or even the journalistic sequence of events accompanying the Srebrenica massacre. She wrote a profile that manipulated his quotes in such a way that the libel must have glowed in red letters on the page for the editors, junior and senior, who let it through.

I think I’ll now be saving myself the $16 a month for that virtual subscription.

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